WPC Blog now rolling on own server!

17 04 2009


First of all, the management team of this blog would like to extend our gratitude to the members, media and visitors for dropping by and be part of this blog.

Kindly be informed that as per today, WPC blog will be rolling at our own server, http://www.wpc.com.my

All the post here (well, most of it) has been transfered to this new location and hope to see u there soon!


WPCM New 2009/2010 Cabinet Lineup!

13 04 2009

WPCM 2009/2010 Committe members

– Abdul Jamal Abdul Latif
– Abdul Maleak Hussein

– Wan Shazirudin

Vice Presidents
– (central) Khairuddin Omar
– (southern) Syed Isa Syed Sheikh Alsogoff
– (northern) Admi Adam Walat

– Nurul Huda Jumail

Assistant Secretary
– Siti Zawiyah Ahmad

– Mohd Hairi Bahtiar

Committe members:
– (central) Nor Affendi Abdul Karim
– (central)Yusnizam Hassani
– (central) Nor Azmi Nordin
– (central) Zulkarnain Ahmad
– (central) Zulkarnaen Zainal Abidin
– (southern) Mohd Fadly
– (southern) Azrin Rizal Baharin
– (southern) Muhammad Neally
– (northern) Muzzafar Mohd Tahir
– (northern) Mohd Farouk Marzuki
– (northern) abdul badrulishah ali
– (east coast) Mohd Iqbal
– (east coast) Syawal Hisham

– Muhammad JefferyLu
– Muhammad Khairul Najib

Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2009/2010

2 04 2009


Notice is hereby given that Waja Performance Club of Malaysia (WPC) Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the year 2009/2010 has been scheduled as follows:

Date: 11 April 2009, Saturday
Time: 0800hrs till 1230hrs
Venue:  Auditorium on 1st Floor,
Proton Edar Sdn Bhd Centre Of Excellent Complex (COE),
KM33.8 Westbound Shah Alam Expressway (KESAS),
47600 Subang Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
0800hrs Breakfast, Sales of Merchandise, Membership Renewal
0900hrs AGM Commence follow by President’s Speech
0915hrs To receive and adopt the Minutes of the 2008/2009 AGM
0945hrs To receive and adopt the Audited Statement of Accounts as on 31/03/2009
1000hrs Questions & Answer sessions for the WPC Committee 2008/2009
1030hrs Election of New Committees 2009/2010
1100hrs New Committees to take over seats and end 2009/2010 AGM
1115hrs Light Refreshment
1230hrs End

  • Agenda are subjected to changed.

– Casual with WPC Official White F1 Shirt with neatly tucked in
– Strictly NO slippers or sandals

Eligibility of Voting in Election of New Committees 2009/2010:
Only for a VALID WPC member, the validity of membership subjected to the WPC Membership Card and / or Membership Renewal receipts on AGM morning

[Central] – Interclub TT-Fundrive 27 March 2009: R & R Dengkil

23 03 2009


Dear boys and girls,

We are organising an Interclub TT-Fundrive with Satria Neo Crews this Friday Night.

The objectives of this interclub TT-Fundrive are:-
a. To create a good relationship with other car clubs starting with satria neo crews
b. To create awareness on WPC marshaling services
c. To educate the the new WPC members dan refreshers to the existing members on the convoys do’s and dont’s

9.00 pm: Gather at R & R Dengkil
9.30 pm: Convoy briefing by the marshal
9.45 pm: Convoy moving to bagan lalang
11.00 pm: Arrival at bagan lalang
11.05 pm: Talk cock, photo, car boot sale session
12.00 pm: Convoy moving back to KL

Date: 27 March 2009
Time: 9.00 pm
RV: R & R Dengkil
ETD: 9.45pm
Destination: Bagan Lalang

Newbies are welcome to join this event. Please wear proper attire i.e. WPC T-Shirt (Or black T-Shirt), Long pants and shoes.

Please make sure your car in good running condition. Please also check your engine oil, transmission oil, brake fluid, radiator coolant. We don’t want any unnecessary incident happened in during this event.Please do not forget your walkies with fresh batteries. Rain or shine, the convoys will proceeds. Those late comers need to proceed on their own.

Log on to WPC Forum or Contact me at 019-2333 208 (wan) if you have further inquiries. Thanks

Gauging responses – Drive Safe, Smart & Wise (DSSW)

18 02 2009

DSSW aka defensive driving course is a program organised by Proton Edar for the clubs and public to educate the public in defensive driving with the objective to decreases fatal accident. The program is also the pre-requisite for the Intermediate and Advance driving which will be held by Proton in future. Moduls of the program are:-
a) Theory Class
b) Cockpit Drill
c) Roadcraft
d) Braking
e) Slalom
f ) Lane Change
g) Skid Control
h) Accident Avoidance (demo)

Program also includes the following :-
– Highly qualified instructor
– Mentor concept
– 80% practical session
– Experience Proton Test Track facilities
– Test car provided
– Driving techniques
– Food provided
– ‘Goodie bag’ and t-shirt provided
– 2 Days program
– Hand outs
– Certificate

To be confirmed later. We expect it to be on May but the course will take 2 days.

In 2006 Proton Edar are charging RM200/- for each participant. We heard rumors that the fees has been increased to RM300/-. However, we will be negotiating with Proton Edar on the fees. :mrgreen:

What to do
Minimum participant for this program is 20 people. So, if you are interested to participate, please put down your name here

Link to WPC Forum V2

4 02 2009

Update 2 (12 Feb 2009, 9.22 am)

The forum now running normally. It appears that the hickup is not caused by the DNS propagation process but rather some technical glitch at the hosting server. rest assured that we’ll do anything within our power to bring the best to you.

happy foruming , and have a safe trip for JGG II participants this weekend 😉

-Administrator, WPCM Forum-


Update 1 (11 Feb 2009, 8.25pm)

Dear members and visitors,

The forum won’t be available for a short while to let DNS changes took place in effort to make our wpc.com.my domain pointing to correct direction again. Please bear with this and we’ll keep you guys updated when it’s done.

Any inconvinience caused is much regreted.

-Administrator, WPCM Forum-



———— Original message —————- 

Dear members and visitors,

kindly update your bookmark to WPC Forum to this location until further updates:



Thank You.

FunDrive: 20090201 ABC Power, Bentong

4 02 2009


It’s been a while and it’s time again for another WPC fun drive.

1st February 2009. On brisk Sunday morning, 23 waja owners gathered not knowing where they are going to head to except for the marshal team. The meeting point was petronas batu cave; near the karak highway and surprisingly we were not the only group that about to have some fun with our ride. We were greeted by the presence of PROSBOC and PROCC groups at the same location as well. 

At 8.45, we were briefed by chief marshal of the day, Dean, regarding convoy rules and safety check. All members came well prepared both mentally and physically and no slippers were seen on driver’s foot. Still the destination was remains unknown. 

We started moving at 9.10am heading to trunk road heading to genting sempah, which would be the first clue of the destination; it’s out of KL ;) Though there was not much traffic, there were numbers of cyclist using the same trunk road for practice. With the assistance of mixed senior and junior members of marshal team, the journey was smooth and well.
Arrived at genting sempah roundabout nearby the R&R, the convoy being redirected to the trunk road to janda baik. Here is another stretch of challenging route as the road is pretty much narrow with numbers of sharp turns. As some of the members enjoying the windy road, we still need to be always alert of others especially the incoming traffic with limited line of sight. This is where communication equipment plays a very big role, and being an experienced club in convoy activities, all cars are equipped. 

It was a great experienced driving under the shade of the nature with the chilling air that even colder than air-cond! Several water stream originated from titiwangsa makes it more inviting and irresistible. Some of us even felt so misfortune they didn’t bring swimming gear on that day. at 10.20 we were greeted by civilisation again. A familiar sight of motorist, shop lots, and the warmth of small town like bentong welcomed us. What? Bentong?! We can hardly feel the journey is that long being awed by panoramic scene of nature. 

We drove few minutes more and Zero made his final turning to the destination. It was at a small car park in front of one shop lot and one of the shops written “ABC Power” at its signage. We then straight away knew we’ve arrived. After brief arrangement at the car park we headed into the shop. Everyone seems so anxious to try the infamous ABC since most of us didn’t get a chance to have breakfast earlier. The ABC didn’t disappointing. A perfect blend of traditional ABC, with all the dressing n condiments, topped with vast selection of ice cream flavour really hit the spot. I had 2 bowl myself. But it seems ABC alone didn’t cut it, so some of us resort to get roti canai from nearby mamak restaurant. I’m included. 

After a bit more than an hour mingling around and indulge ourselves, it’s time to make a trip back to KL. But before that, we have the ever-must photo session at the car park with the Bentong bus station as the background. We had another round of briefing from chief marshal and off we go. 

We opt for highway this time as it more relax. The convoy was splited due to heavy traffic but we managed to regroup at entrance of karak highway, bentong bound. Convoy members showed high spirits and discipline in following traffic rules and direction from the marshals and that does pretty much smoothen up the drive. We arrived at toll gombak around 12.15 noon and the initial plan to disperse at this location was cancelled due to insufficient space to stop. 

We then proceed to Petronas Melawati. 30 minutes later we arrived at the break-off point and then being debriefed before members taking the chance to bid farewell to everyone. Some of us felt the morning drive isn’t enough and proceed to do a ‘mini fun drive’ to sungai kedondong, batang kali, along the old trunk road to genting. 

Overall, it was a great event for the members to stretch their leg after fun drive has been missing from the event calendar quite some time. This is also a practice drive for the participants of Jom Gi Ganu II Trip that will be held on 14-16 Feb 2009. We’ve seen few potential members for the marshal team too. All in all, we had a good turned out, and for the juniors, we hoped that they would enjoy the spirit of grouped driving of WPC as much as the seniors do. For the seniors, keep on rocking ;) 

Kudos to all convoy members and to the marshals, great work. Till the next fundrive, barium033 signing out.